Who am I or About me

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No, I am not a bestselling and famous author (yet)! No, I don’t have a huge  network and supporters behind me and No, I am not married, having a partner or children.

Yes, I am living a rather unconventional live, travelling most of my time,  enjoy freedom – not only of mind – and be true to myself.

One of my few friends told me once: “You’re best by just being you“. And that pretty much hits the mark

I started out as pretty normal kid, German native with degrees in retail, hospitality, office management and fluently in three languages. Then I worked in various jobs just to discover and learn. Never felt much for the ordinary lifestyle to begin with.

By the time I hit forty I had visited and worked in most of Europe, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

While writing these lines I’m on the other side of the planet in New Zealand. But that doesn’t mean much because my next travel is set up already…telling you I’m a real traveller. My home is where my suitcase is and that’s a fact.  Although my upbringing was very different as a kiddo in the big city of Frankfurt am Main. The pivotal mix of money and finance conditioned me. So I started out working mostly in finance and other big companies to earn good money, which I did. As a young woman I didn’t question that. Later I started to spend a lot of time to figure out who am I and what it really is that makes me happy. Next to typical creative outlets like singing, dancing, acting and writing, I also invested time in my spiritual interests. And then I dreamt about ‘Rosalinda’, woke up in the middle of the night and I started writing the first story. It took me another year to set myself free and follow the path to becoming a writer. Now – another two years later – ‘Die Abenteuer der kleinen Rosalinda’ is going to be released in December. You surely can say: “When the way is the goal”. I never felt more relaxed and happy…or is it because I hit the fifty this year? I don’t know, but what I do know is that – as for everybody – my time here is limited. So what’s left is keep on moving and do what I feel is right for me.

By subscribing to my blog or buying my book you support a genuine free spirit and child of mother earth.

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One thought on “Who am I or About me

  1. What an intersting blog to read. Your words truly sound like the words of someone whou found his way, who got rid of the boundaries of conditioning. These are the words of someone who came a long way. I hope lots of others get inspired to get free and follow their true self. I also wish you loads of success with your book and all projects that will follow. Your words are the words of a genuine person and this deserves respect and all the success you can get!

    I wish you all the best, personally and for all your future projects… Truly from the heart



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