Fifty and fab

So it happened, I am fifty now! That’s at least what’s written in my passport. In my head, I am still 16.  And I know that’s the same for pretty much everybody. Even my 72 year old mum just recently admitted that.
It is indeed a milestone in everyone’s life and with this writing; I want to share my feelings and thoughts about it. Telling what I do to stay mentally and physically in a good mood and shape. As well as motivate younger folks not to fear to aging, rather embrace it. And of course this story is also for my fellow age readers. So that they may get motivated to do what they ever wanted to do in life but never dared. Just recently I read an article about an experiment where it was proved that aging literally is – as so much other things in life – close related to your mind set.
DSC_0282Honestly, I don’t want to be twenty or thirty or forty anymore. I pretty much enjoyed all these different phases of my life and now it feels more as if I worship all the experiences and things I went through. Looking back and laughing about some of my actions and mistakes I surely have made. And I only can recommend to doing the same. In the end, life is a journey and we’re all here to go eventually. So it’s totally up to you what your inspirations are or have been. Whether you felt the urge to accomplish or build something sustainable, or may it never appeared important to you. It all doesn’t matter much because the years move on anyways.
What matters though is to stay positive and true to yourself.
I always say, that I never regret a decision I’ve ever made. Because if I thought (and felt) it was right at the time, why would I question it later on? In my experience trusting your instincts and following your heart (or guts) is most rewarding in every sense.
Ok, some of you will frown and think, ‘Yeah but sometimes in life, you cannot do what you want because of circumstances’. Honestly, for me, this is just an excuse and the fear to follow your inner voice. And basically this is it! Life really isn’t that difficult. It’s us humans that make it difficult. These days the majority of humans are confused, denatured and just lost. Many pursue doubtable goals and getting depressed of aging and when life hasn’t unfold as they wished! No wonder for me if you never dared to follow your gut feeling! See, every human is just a tiny cell on the planet and like every other species we too be subject to the cycle of life. And no matter how hard scientists try they simply cannot change that. Nobody ever stayed forever. No matter how good looking, famous, super rich, highly intelligent or sexy people are or have been! Accept that and lots of ‘so called’ important things lose their importance.
Carneval Wiesbaden 2011 009aAnother vital rule for me is ‘not taking myself too serious’. Everyone is replaceable and we’re just here to enjoy and experience what we choose to. I truly believe that and for me, it worked all my life. All the things I did, I did with great motivation. All the decisions I ever took and which brought me into trouble (and I mean serious trouble) have just been experiences to let me grow and made me the person I am today. Building up character and become a mature individual doesn’t come from sitting on the couch all day watching soap operas or – even worse – are cling to a device known as mobile phone! One has to go out and experience all what life has to offer. All in all, this is what makes life a journey and it’s a very personal journey for each of us. Never forget the most important relationship we all have is to oneself, your feelings and thoughts and of course your body. Our ‘vehicle or car’ so to say that enables each of us to do all the things we want. A body which is more than 80% build from water and dissolves back into nature after dead. We are all made from natural materials. I see it like that; my body is a little earth, my hair is the woods of the planet, my veins and blood vessels are the rivers. A little cell on the planet I’m literally made of. All living creatures, all things we eat, produce and use are made from materials the planet provides us with. And in that sense, I always knew from young age on that I’ve to take care of my ‘car’.
BeachHadabarAug2010 008But if you’re in your twenties you don’t bother, exploring is on the map. Everything that is out there has a certain attraction, you literally ‘spread your wings and fly away’ like a young eagle. Next to school, studies and earning money I only and exclusively had party and having sex on my mind. Turning thirty people usually do get a bit more ‘serious’. Conditioned by heritage and influenced through surroundings everyone starts thinking ‘what do I do with my life’ and ‘what direction do I may want to go’. I never asked myself this question, more so followed my feeling of what I want to explore and learn next. Sure, again you can say ‘but not all of us can choose freely’ and again my answer is ‘nope, that’s not true’. Why? Because there are two things in life everyone chooses freely what to do with. One is your money and the other is your time! Even if you live in circumstances where your free will is limited, you still can choose what to think and find ways to follow your inner voice. But then, we all live in societies that manipulate each thought and every action we do. Breaking free from that is the first and hardest ‘exercise’. Once done you a step closer to living the life that makes you happy and as a result keeps you vibrant and healthy.
So most of my life I followed my inner voice. And by not being born rich I always had to find a way – my way – to make things happen. As example, I always wanted to travel, learning about other nations and how they live. To be able doing that I switched profession from office management to hospitality and so I could travel the world and stay independent. That changed my perspective and I broke free from what I’d learned from my parents. I started that process in my late twenties. Before that I worked the ‘rat race’, was married and just stepped into the footsteps of my parents. When I look around I now see that there’re plenty of people doing the same. Avoiding their inner voice and dreams because of uncertainty, demotivating family and friends and what else holds them back from living their life and not get lived by society! Over the years the process of ‘freeing my mind’ accumulated. Then, three years back, I dreamed about writing “Die Abenteuer der kleinen Rosalinda” and to follow that dream I gave up all my possessions, started a life as a traveling writer. A year into that my savings had been shrinking significantly and so I started house sitting, what I do up until today.

However, just a few months away from turning fifty and everybody around me suggested that I’ve to do a party. Well, first I agreed because it’s such a significant birthday. Then I got another idea. I booked a week vacation on the wonderful island of Rarotonga in September. My own fifties birthday present so to say. During my time there I thought about that BBQ. Do I really feel for having a party that day? And while chilling on the beach I suddenly thought ‘well, it’s maybe nice to have all the lovely New Zealand friends around me, but who is going to clean up the mess after’? Yep, that would be me because as a normal person I don’t have cleaners or butlers. And another feeling – I couldn’t get a grip on first – emerged from inside. When back in New Zealand that feeling has settled and it just told me, that I wanted to be on my very own that day. Waking up and doing whatever comes to my mind.

Now I’ve to admit that this is what I have been doing all previous birthdays as well. I never worked on my birthday, always managed to have a day off or – if the company refused – I’d called in sick. Because this is my day, the day I came here and never ever I going to spend that special day working. And while I usually had parties and people around me, this time I wanted to be by myself. Let’s see who is calling and does remember my birthday.

Good idea and a day before my birthday with a big smile, I bought flowers and my favourite single malt whiskey. The plan was that every call, message or email I receive that day, I’ll drink a glass of whiskey. So I started my ‘milestone birthday’ with a generous breakfast. Then around 11 am the first calls from my pals in New Zealand dropped in. ‘That early I thought’, but ok I use to do what I say and so I poured in my first glass and the party started. By noon the bottle had emptied by a third and I had to mix the whiskey with lemon soda in order to not get totally wasted early into the day. Because me being in New Zealand I assumed – or knew – that all the birthday greetings from my European pals and family will start in the evening. And so it was. By the end of the day I had almost finished the whole bottle! Honestly, the last glasses I gulped in with a bit of resentment. You know having that frowning forehead and mouth angle down face when swallow. Because when you’re fifty you pretty much know what you are capable of and I usually be done after half a bottle. Generally spoken this wisdom to ‘assess what you can take on’ is valid for most things. And if you don’t know I guess you missed out trying (and experiencing) your limits when younger.
Anyway, I really had a lot of fun being on my own, sitting outside in the sun, drinking and reflecting on my life so far. The most present feeling what manifested that day was that I’ve come so far, have been through a lot of trouble and drama (as most of us fiftyish folks have), so there’s not much what can mess up my day anymore. What a great feeling I can tell. Knowing that from now on I only do what I like because time is limited and counting back. Years passing by faster and with the wisdom of a fifty-year-old, I know that after a low tide there’s a high tide coming.
People tend to say ‘you are half way’ which I think isn’t quite right. Ok, we humans getting older these days, but most of us won’t reach one hundred. I have a different approach. I count backward. That’s how it feels for me. Up until now and like most of us I guess, I’ve counted all my life up to 18, then 25, 30, 40 and so on. Now it’s the other way around. I’ve made it to fifty and now I am calculating ‘maybe another twenty – longest thirty – years’ of vitality and fun before my body will degenerate and mobility will decrease.
Certainly, you change when turning fifty though. For instance, before fifty it’s important to have a great, sexy body and always looking at your best. Now I keep on moving to maintain and support my ‘car’ only that I am much gentle. If I don’t feel going for a run, I do yoga instead. Also, there’s a change in activity, I always have been out and about, never said no to any action or whatever ‘fun’ came along. Now I prefer to stay home and invite friends instead or just do a ‘me, myself and I party’ once in a while. No doubt that I want to stay healthy and vibrant as long as possible. No doubt that I still can party all night, drinking, smoking and having a one night stand as highlight at the end. The difference now is that afterwards my ‘car’ needs much longer to recover and that means plenty of chilling on the couch for the next few days (yes, that’s right days not just one day!). Body and mind is a synergy and so it’s is vital to listen to your body and all its signals as well. There’re lots of books out there they may can support you with that. I strongly believe in that connection ‘body talks to you’. We just have to listen! Also I believe that ‘food is medicine’ and that we humans are one of the less species that are capable of digesting almost every food. And that is an advantage in the run to survive compared to other species. I never have been a vegetarian because I learned in school that there are certain amino-acids we humans need that are only provided by meat. I listen to my body. Particularly since I am living a traveling lifestyle I experienced that my food habits change. And then there’s a slower working metabolic system once you hit fifty. Moderation now is the key for me to stay healthy and support my ‘car’. I know that part of our experience here is to taste, eat, smell and feel all the delicious food we prepare and the planet provides us with. And by not restricting me that much anymore, all feels much more in balance.
I embrace all of this. It’s the balance between indulging and having fun. When people meet me in real life they never guess my age right. So I must do something right, don’t I? When asked how old I am, I proudly say fifty. I don’t understand when people answer ‘you really look good for your age’. What does it say? Only that there’s a widespread opinion (or conditioning?) on how people of a certain age have to look I guess. Generally, I think it is much simpler. You look good, or you don’t! And from what I experience it’s not only about your physical appearance. Sure the skin and the whole body show signs of ageing. Like an old tree, we all have scars and the posture shows how life has been so far for that particular individual, right?

IMG_4358I feel it’s necessary to say that it’s that kind of ‘inner glow’, that ‘pure energy’ what keeps an ‘old lady’ like me still looking interesting and vibrant. Seriously, I keep my energy ‘pure’. That means I clean out any energy or vibration I’ve caught up when outside or while talking to another person. Every time you talk to or touch another individual (animals and nature as well) you exchange and mix your energy field.  So be aware of that and clean your energy often. If you do you will be able to always stay true to yourself by listening to your very intimate feelings and inner guidance.
The soul reflects through the eyes, character expresses through the body (and how you move) and the heart is displayed by the words you speak.

Age is just a number invented by humans to get a grip on things. The saying ‘young at heart’ for me just reflects that. Because we are all ‘young at heart’ for the time we visit the planet. Think about that, the planet still will be here if we are all long gone. So enjoy each and every day and keep on laughing till the day you leave. By the way, laughing prevents wrinkles on your face and I am the living proof!

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2 thoughts on “Fifty and fab

  1. I agree with you,I don’t like make parties in my birthday because I need to work hard and it is my day so I would prefer do something that I love to do.
    All my love and good vibes.
    Miss you but I’m happy to see that you are alive and enjoying life.


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