How Bach flower remedies entered my life

I love New Zealand and it’s not only for the purity of the country itself it’s for the people. So since I arrived here, I feel that I am getting closer to my real purpose in life. And it feels great just staying in the moment and doing the things that pop up in my mind and not procrastinate around them anymore. My life is just developing and I don’t care much about anything anymore. Just live and laugh, having fun and never worry too much. Generally thinking that this is the main reason why all humans and other species are here, to discover, explore and be happy as the time is limited and short enough anyways. Some of us are able to enjoy our wonderful planet in all its facets by travelling, others feel the need to reproduce and be settled. It doesn’t matter much how one enjoys, most important to all of us is our inner peace, happiness and the balance of body, mind and soul.
What brings me back to my journey and inner process of growing which is speeding up lately. To cut it short, I got in contact with Jane from The Wellington School of Massage Therapy. Having an appointment to discuss what kind of course might be interesting for me, as the one I had chosen from my online search had been started already. At that point I didn’t know if I’d get a visa for another 6 months, so waiting for the next cycle to start in November wasn’t really an option. Sure there’re other courses that would help me getting closer to my life purpose. A week later we sat comfortably opposition from each other chit-chatting a bit to merge our energies. After a while I told Jane about my inner turmoil and inability to choose a direction in life. Sharing that I strongly believe in nature, that we’re all children of the planet and mother earth as I call her, is the source who created, feeds and nurtures us. That I basically have a lot of talents and interests, get easily enthusiast then starting out learning about the particular topic, but feel bored pretty fast and usually stop looking deeper into it. My inability though to really dive in deeper on one particular interest and make this my new profession, let go finding my life purpose. Although I am very convinced that we’re all here for a reason and my strong connection to mother earth and fisnished with my always present concerns about her wellbeing, what escorts me from young age on. With a deep sigh and my question-mark expression I looked straight at her. She looked back and asked if I ever had heard of Dr. E. Bach flower essences also known as Bach flower therapy, stood up went to another room and came back with a small booklet. She opened a certain page and said read the positive of that.

Ceratostigma willmottiana

Excerpt: The 38 Flower Remedies  – Cerato: seek advice and confirmation from others. The positive potential of Cerato is shown in those who trust their own wisdom and follow it. Quietly self-assured and decisive, they are able to find and follow their true vocation

And again my curious nature took over and after reading this view lines I decided that this is what I’ve to do next to come closer to my life purpose. Then Jane explained to me that during this two day seminar the basics of The Bach Flower therapy is presented to the students and allows each participant to find out which remedy is helpful to ease the actual issues one deals with. And furthermore will support the person to resolve the emotional insecurities to move on in life and become a happier and healthier individual. I signed up for this seminar right away and left the school with a feeling that I am on my way in sorting out those little bits, that keeping me away from truly living the life I was meant to live.
Two weeks later Sunday evening I packed my handbag already, set two alarm clocks to make sure not to oversleep, looked up the train connection to assure that I won’t miss the train and rule out the possibility to be late on the very first day of the seminar. Then I took a shower and went to bed early. I woke up just before the alarm got off, jumped out of bed, took a quick shower while already starting to prepare my sandwiches and snacks for the day, so that I wouldn’t need to eat at the snack bar. Energized I ran back and forward between dressing myself, drinking a smoothie and after about one hour I was all set and ready for a day full of new insights. As usual I had to speed up to catch my train because I’ve the tendency to forget about time. So I hurried to the train when it started raining heavily and by the time I reached the station I was all drenched from head to toe, really no joke. But despite my cold feet, nose and hands and my wet clothe I still felt very positive on my way to the seminar. To my own surprise I arrived timely and seated myself into the last free chair next to a friendly looking woman with brown long hair.
First thing you always do in those seminars is introducing yourself and telling the reason why you take this particular course in the first place. Usually you get a name tag or a piece of paper in front of you so you do not have to really learn all names by hard, right? Not in that seminar though. Here we started by saying our names and reason for taking the course and then we stood up, gathered in a circle and tossing a ball from one to the other, saying Thanks and the name of the person you’ve got the ball from. Then you said Hi and the name of the person you throw the ball to. Shit, screwed I thought because one of my weakness is to keep names. I don’t know why just something I really am bad in. With only six people you might think that’s easy and it probably is for the most people, but for me is just a mess. I tried to use a technique I know for ages and learned back while working corporate. It implies that you’ve to repeat a name 8 times in your mind and then you won’t forget anymore. To be honest it worked only partly that day because interestingly I more felt the energy of those around me, which turned out to be very valuable in order to really see and feel the incredible power of the flower essences the next day. Immediately I felt the calm and balanced energy provided through Jane and while listening and tossing the ball around between my five classmates, I automatically and unwillingly sensed the energy which surrounded each of them. When seated again my second thought was only ladies in here. I felt an immediate attraction to the lady sitting opposite to me, dark hair like me, brown open eyes and she also smiled at me. We both knew in that moment that we would have to talk to each other in a break as there obviously was a connection. Next to her sat a young woman with long dark blonde hair and then a woman with short dark hair and a soft voice. And although I had difficulties to understand all she said because her voice almost got lost, she surely sent out good vibes. Next in row sat a friendly looking medium long blonde hair woman and she also seemed to be very open and interested. Then there was the brown hair lady sitting next to me and during her introduction I was happy sitting next to her because it turned out she is an animal lover, working with dogs and wanted to implement The Bach therapy system into her daily practice. Me being an animal lover myself, I felt the need to talk to her on that topic and once more got convinced, that there are no coincidences because of the fact that I was sitting right next to her.
IMG_4591Then Jane handed out a workbook, booklet, table of remedies and some other useful material we would work with and started talking. Right from the start I was intrigued by all the information, facts and things we learned that day about flowers and its usage as treatment for emotional imbalance. And while we watched the video about the whole story of Dr Edward Bach’s path almost brought me to tears.
By the end of the day we had come to know all the 38 remedies and we were even allowed to mix up our own remedy for study and experience. The homework was to take our own remedy mix every half an hour and watch see what it does and what – if so – changed.  The challenge for me was choosing only one remedy as we had learned all the 38 remedies. And during that I wrote down 10 remedies I thought I could definitely use to balance my emotional turmoil. So I asked Jane if it is kind of possible to mix up a remedy in a way that from one flower essence you take 80% and from another you only take 10%. And this was the moment when I understood, that The Bach Therapy main rule is to keep it simple and only focus on the feeling or emotion you deal with in that particular moment. Everything you might think you need to use to deal with a past dilemma is not exactly necessary. Cool I thought and felt an instant relief because this just makes things so much easier and relate strongly to my general inner feeling that life is simple only we humans make it difficult. Beside that I am convinced that by keeping things simple, one is cutting out a lot of unnecessary emotional stress and life becomes just so much for fun, which I think is the only reason we’re here for. Back to the Bach remedies, I crossed out all remedies I thought I needed for heal behaviours I had recognized, while we had learned the single remedies. What shrank my list to three remedies: Wild Oat, Walnut and Scleranthus, and I finally chose Wild Oat as the remedy to try for the evening. We all started taking the remedy right away and about one hour later Jane finished and we were dismissed. On my way home I had taken about 2 times of the remedy a song popped up in my mind. This now is not something new or unusual for me as usually I wake up in the morning and a song pops up in my mind, or if I am thinking about something I’ve to decide on. I know that this is the universe talking to me and giving me guidance and advice which I am very thankful for and always take in consideration before I make a decision. The song I got was “Take me home country road, to the place I belong…” – as far I know it’s a very old country song, I believe. All way to the railway station and during my way home it accompanied me and I again felt happy and assured that I am on my way to find whatever it is that I am here for. And although it is the opposite to what I was thinking as I first arrived in New Zealand, that this is the place for me to build up a new life. I meanwhile know now that I am more of an island girl, needing the sun and warmth to function well so my next journey will go to Rarotonga. Why I know that? It’s because there culture and heritage is close the Maori culture, it’s tiny; people are laid back and most of all it is tropical warm all year through. Even before I started this seminar I already looked up the place on internet checking out the options to go there and make a living. Because for me life is just a journey and my task is to keep this journey as light and much fun as possible, that’s what makes the universe smile and by doing so, the universe will keep supporting me. Full of information to process, I went home had dinner and watched a movie while closely had a look on the clock to take 4 drops of my remedy every half an hour, which after a few hours became kind of a stress to me, as I realized how short 30 minutes are. Thinking about how much stress it is in general when time controls life and people running by the clock day in and out. Lucky I banned clocks and that behaviour out of my life at least a decennia ago, realizing the importance of that simple but oh so live changing decision had proven to be.
I went to bed as usual and immediately fell into a deep dreamless sleep, skipping my night mediation routine, not to interfere with the study of how effect the Wild Oat remedy my feelings and as a consequence my body.

Bromus ramosus or Wild Oat – keywords: Uncertainty as to correct path in life.
ext morning I woke up with Michael Jackson’s song: “Don’t stop till you get enough” in mind, yet before starting the morning routine I took my first 4 drops of the remedy and while taking a shower happily humming that song. Then while preparing my food and wondered about that neck pain on my left side. What I only get it if I’ve to make a decision, which is not my strength, and I tend to procrastinate around it, I got Tom Jones: “Green, green grass of home” in mind. Meanwhile I had taken about ¾ of the remedy and realised that this is the message from the universe to not hesitate and just go to Rarotonga, because as much as I feel happy and home in New Zealand it’s just too cold for me here. Living up to my full potential, pursuing my dreams, sharing my experience and all those topics the universe send me. Therefor I need a warmer climate, so that I am able to become the best person I ever have been. And at the same moment as I accepted that, my neck pain vanished and back came the country song from the day before. So cool I thought quickly packing my bag and hurrying to the station to catch my train.
On the way to Wellington I thought about an article I’d read a view days earlier, about wild dogs on Rarotonga. The idea emerged to ask my classmate next to me about her work with dogs, and if I might visit her for a day to observe, help and get more insight about her work. Still in the train I shifted my thoughts and concentrated on to every half an hour take the remedy. I thought it might be a good idea to read a bit in the booklet of The Dr Bach Therapy to be prepared when arriving in the school. But as soon as I started reading how Dr Bach has developed its system and his philosophy behind it all, my eyes filled up with tears and I just couldn’t read on. A feeling what I cannot really describe rose up in me, as if I would feel all the pain done to nature and the planet by us humans. I also felt overwhelmed and validated in what I am thinking and I felt a deep acknowledgement for Dr Bach and how he understood mother earth. The way he thought and shared his wisdom deeply touched me, I almost have no words other than finally there’s somebody who also understands. Later Jane would tell me that his work just resonates with me, which I think is very much true.
At the morning of the second day of The Bach Therapy seminar level 1, I entered the school and immediately felt that there was a different energy. Each of us 6 students – as far as I can say that – seemed different. Although not really visible in appearance, it was a very subtle change in energy I’d say. Of course Jane knew and noticed it and so we started the day with a short round of summery about what each of us had experienced since we had started taking the remedy the evening before. Jane wrote down the remedies each of us took and it turned out that we were two Wild Oat, one Oak, one Impatiens, one Scleranthus and one Mimulus. About the Mimulus I am not sure but ok I am original, not perfect, right. Doesn’t matter anyways, because after sharing our feelings and thoughts and what had been different, we agreed that an overall sense of relief, light and joyful energy had settled in all of us. And as a result the energy of the group had changed into an even more positive and motivated one.
IMG_4590As the day went by we learned more about the single remedies, how and where they are coming from and manufactured. We also did plenty of case studies and even a roll-play in which we had to figure out what remedy was shown, very much fun though. In the end it all came down to the fact, that keeping it simple and focus on the issue at hand, when using the remedies for yourself or others is most important and will do the job. Of course to really getting started and becoming a practitioner, we’d need to complete the level 2 and the other seminars, for now we are just Bach’s Therapy enthusiasts.
For me the day had several major highlights. One was my realization that I am more interested in using the remedies for animals rather than humans. This came to me as we discussed the case studies. I just got so lost and confused with all those different emotional states humans are in and in to decide, what remedy might be useful. Also it convinced me that my idea in the train, to ask my classmate next to me for her address so that I could visit her in the near future and learn about her work, was just right.  I did later on and she gave me a big smile and agreed, saying that it’d be totally fine if I ring her up the next week to set up a day. The other highlight was getting in touch with the dark hair lady sitting in the opposite of me. We started chatting and figured that we are living close to each other, so no doubt about that we meet again soon.
IMG_4587 All in all I had two wonderful, interesting and highly energetic days. I cannot thank Jane enough for guiding me into this seminar, because while learning about this fascinating way of healing ones emotional instabilities and it’s oh so simple approach and usage. Sharing my thoughts, experiences and feelings with all my fellow classmates made me realize that the most I enjoyed was the company of like-minded individuals. All with different backgrounds, life paths and experiences, we started this seminar for very different reasons. Yet still all believers that nature is our main and only source where we humans and all living creatures on this planet find happiness, fulfilment and peace of mind. Useless to say, that this seminar is to recommend for all those who are looking for more insight in the inseparable connection between nature and us humans.
And so it happened that the brown hair lady and I walked together to the station, while walking spontaneously decided to have a quick drink before separating and just chatted and shared our thoughts. I guess all by passers could feel our universal light sparkles of positive energy filling up the air.

 Thanks to Jane and all classmates for meeting, sharing and broaden up my horizon.

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